Sprinkler Shoot

I love summer and what is more “summer” than kids running through sprinklers?! I really wanted to do a summer shoot of my kiddos doing just that, so we set up the sprinkler in the driveway and had some fun. I love they way they turned out and would definitely be interested in doing a similar shoot for other families! Here are some of my favorite shots. I’m totally obsessed.

DSC_0604 copy

DSC_0611 copy

DSC_0601 copy

DSC_0598 copy

DSC_0587 copy

DSC_0583 copy

DSC_0580 copy

DSC_0578 copy

DSC_0574 copy

DSC_0573 copy

DSC_0569 copy

DSC_0566 copy

DSC_0565 copy

DSC_0563 copy

DSC_0556 copy

DSC_0554 copy

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